18 Jul 2013

The auction - should it occur - takes place on Saturday afternoon or Sunday. The exact time and place will be shown in the RingCon program.

Rarities from all manner of genre series will be auctioned off. Any visitor to the auction can bring items that they would like to have auctioned to the RingCon Infostand. These items should be science fictions collector's items. The personnel at the RingCon Infostand reserve the right to turn down any items that appear to be in doubt.

Since the auction is only estimated to last one hour, it is possible that not all items will be able to be auctioned. We ask for your understanding.

If you win an auction, give the auctioneer on stage your participant number and you will receive a ticket for your item. The purchased items are to be paid for to the auctioneers at the end of the auction in cash!!! This will take place on the stage of the corresponding room. You will need your ticket to pay.

Unauctioned items and sales revenue can be picked up after the auction at the RingCon InfoStand.